Photobooth Enclosures for Sale

That’s exactly what we do ~ sell photo booth enclosures that you can fully customize.  We are very excited about this!  In fact, we base our photobooth business around these enclosures and find that they are super easy to book events and clients think the open air booth is a great advantage.  Not only can you fit up to 10-12 people in the booth at one time, but other guests at the wedding or event can see what is happening.  Once they see a group having fun, they want to come and try it as well.  Put business cards on the front of the booth and before you know it you will be getting phone calls with no advertising whatsoever.  It’s as easy as that.  In the coming months you will find many helpful tips and tricks to setup, use, and sell your booth.  Like our facebook page at and you will automatically see any new posts on the wall.

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